5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Autumn

September 19, 2013

Photography credit: Ben Grantham

The umbrellas are out in force, winter boots standing in the hallway once more and woolly hats firmly back in shops. We’ve been saying it for weeks but now it’s finally upon us. Our love affair with the summer is over and autumn is here to stay.

It’s easy to feel a bit down about the fact that the nights are drawing in and the bright sunny mornings are a thing of the past – stumbling around in pitch black trying to find something to wear at 7:00am isn’t quite the breeze it was back in July, hey?

But it isn’t all as bad as it seems, I promise. It is possible to leave summer behind and fall in love with autumn, and today I’d like to offer up five reasons why.


Photography credit: Marius Rumpf

Autumn is the time for preparation and dedication.

That doesn’t too fun, does it? But what about that neglected project that needs your care and attention? September isn’t only a time for our children to return to school. Nature too is beginning preparations for the hardworking part of the year – winter – to ensure that it reaps the benefits next spring and summer. Take inspiration from the seasons and dedicate some time to that thing (or things!) that could really use your effort.


Photography credit: Erich Ferdinan

Get seasonal: autumn’s veggies are the best of the year!

There’s a reason we celebrate autumn. Think harvest festivals and thanksgiving: autumn is the time of year where we finally get to reap the benefits of nature’s hard work and enjoy our favourite fruits and vegetables in season and at their tastiest.

Check out farmers markets for locally sourced apples and pears, which will far outstrip those shipped into our supermarkets throughout the year. September and October are also bursting with root veggies like potatoes, parsnips, carrots, turnips and beetroot, kitchen staples for warming meals like stews and casseroles.


Photography credit: Luke Chan

There is no excuse not to go outside.

The leaves are undeniably at their most beautiful in autumn, but why do they go orange? A cessation in the production of chlorophyll after the booming summer months ensures our favourite deciduous trees like ash, birch and oak start to shed their broad leaves come the fall, giving us that lovely spectrum of yellow, orange and red so synonymous with the season.

If you’re in London the royal parks are an easy option if you’re hankering after a little leaf peeping, or why not try your nearest nature reserve if you’re outside the capital. There’s nothing better than popping your wellies on and going for a good crunch on a carpet of deliciously crispy leaves.


Photography credit: Martina K

It’s time to say hello to your winter jumpers again.

There’s something much more steadfast and reliable about cold weather clothes, isn’t there? It’s fun to spend the summer wearing floaty garments and cute sandals (and lord knows, people are trying in desperation to continue this into September) but all the while your winter wardrobe has been sitting at the back of the cupboard, biding it’s time.

Bundle all your winter woollies on a gentle wash with a splosh of expensive fabric conditioner (go on, treat yourself!) before you start wearing them full-time again and appreciate that luxuriously soft first feel of woollen jumper all the more.


Photography credit: Ángelo González

It’s the perfect opportunity to get excited about Christmas.

I know, I know, NOBODY likes hearing the C-word this soon after barbequeing season, but the shops have started stockpiling Christmas cards and decorations, and regardless of whether you’re hosting elaborate festivities or holding a quiet, personal celebration this year, autumn is the perfect opportunity to start gathering ideas together.

This year will be myself and Elliott’s first Christmas together. We’ve been dating for a couple of years now but have missed out in previous years due to family commitments. Now that we have a place of our own we decided to have a very small, pyjama-y Christmas with stockings, presents and Christmas dinner for two.


Photography credit: Kenny Louie

Do you have any autumn traditions? Any special places, festivals or outings that always get put on the calendar regardless of the weather? Wrap up warm and stay cosy, and don’t forget to share whatever it is you get up to! You can follow my autumn adventures via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Here’s to the best season of the year!

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  • Reply jassie September 19, 2013 at 6:06 pm

    Hi ! i just adore autumn and everything that comes with it , iv been filling my freezer with blackberries ! free food cant be ignored can it ! and it adds to your 5 a day ! i love getting the open fire going too, my basket is filled and ready. x

    • Reply Kylie September 28, 2013 at 7:17 am

      Hey Jassie! My mum gave me some blackberry jam a few weeks ago, and she made it with foraged blackberries. It tastes absolutely divine! Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year :)

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