5 Reasons to Fall in Love with Spring

April 18, 2014

Photography credit: Chris Paul

I scheduled this post in my editorial calendar for way back in March, but I decided to wait until we’d really broken the back of the colder temperatures and rainy days. Now that the worst of those is over, we’ve finally turned the corner into easily my favourite season of the year: spring.

What makes spring so inspirational and special? It’s the time of rebirth, something I spoke about in my Month in Focus post for April. Little lambs are bouncing around in the fields, there are ducklings on the pond and we can walk through carpets of spring flowers. It’s the season of promise and new opportunity, and there’s plenty to be thankful for.


Photography credit: Don DeBold

Waking up in the morning to birdsong.

For most of our garden birds, spring hails the opportunity for finding a mate and building a nest, and suddenly our feathered friends have to wind it up a gear to make sure they’re not forgotten. The males do their best to win over a ladyfriend with a beautiful song, and often this singing contest starts when the birds at their most active: early in the morning.

I often find people complain about this wonderful sound, which is something I honestly can’t understand. What could be nicer than the sweet fluty notes of a blackbird in the morning? It sure beats the sound of your phone alarm breaking the silence at 6:00am. Leave your window open and be gently stirred by this uplifting sound of nature.


Photography credit: Ashley Campbell

Nature wipes her slate clean, and you can too.

There’s something miraculous about the way Mother Nature manages to come back from winter. When we’re in the depths of December it’s hard to imagine that she’ll be able to transform the lifeless trees and cold, biting winds into anything remotely resembling spring. But somehow, year upon year, she manages it, and we should feel inspired by that.

Spring is the time of year to look positively at yourself and your life, identify things you want to change and take purposeful steps to making a difference. It’s remarkable how things seem so much easier and more achievable at this time of the year.


Photography credit: Mervi Eskelinen

It’s time to liberate your summer wardrobe! Embrace the colour!

Lock away your winter boats, charity shop those baggy Christmas jumpers! It’s time to go into the attic and pull out your box of summer clothes. You’ll probably take one look at some of last year’s choices and wince, but you can always donate them too and replace them with newer styles… and never underestimate the power of customisation!

The thing I like best about summer clothes are the colours. In winter, just like nature, we are often drab and uninspired in greys, blacks and browns. When the sun comes out, we throw our conservative colour choices to the wind. Yellow! Green! Pink! Orange! Red!


Photography credit: Cara Explains It All

Drip, drip, drop little April Shower… not half as bad in spring.

When it rains during the winter, it feels like it will never end. We succumb to the fact that we have to get our coats out of the wardrobe again and tirelessly fight the weather on the way to work. In spring, we don’t let a little rain shower get us down! After all, in a few short hours the rain will pass and we’ll be embracing the sun once more.

Photography credit: Born 1945

Clear blue, cloudless skies that hint at a perfect summer.

If I had to list one thing that really describes that feeling of knowing spring is here, it would be the way the sky looks. A bright, flat blue that stretches as far as the eye can see, usually cloudless but if we have to allow a few little puffs of white, it doesn’t matter too much. Everything around us is lit so much more beautifully, and don’t even get me started on how much easier it is to get up in the morning when the sun is shining…!

So now that spring is here (in the northern hemisphere at least!) what are you planning? Many of us have been blessed with a long Easter weekend, and the next four days just feel like an endless list of opportunities. I’m hoping to be in Brighton tomorrow, and then I’ll be enjoying Richmond over the Sunday and Monday. As always you can follow my adventures via TwitterInstagram or Facebook, but remember to get outside and enjoy this beautiful season for yourself!

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  • Reply Jassie April 18, 2014 at 11:48 am

    Hi Kylie, youre thinking the same way as me as per usual.I moved house just before christmas as my garden was completely empty apart from a couple of trees which i had trouble identifying. last month all was revealed as the trees turned out to be flowering pink blossom cherry trees !!! the boarders were empty but after lots of trips to the garden centers near by im slowly restocking them. Happy Easter Kylie xx

    • Reply Kylie April 21, 2014 at 7:58 am

      Jassie, long time no speak! It’s good to have you back! I hope the move went well – that must have been quite stressful just before Christmas! But how lovely to have surprise cherry blossom trees in the garden! They must be lovely at the moment, as we’re right in the best part of the cherry blossom season. There are lots along the water near my boat, which is beautiful. Looking forward to hearing about your garden when it’s all restocked – talk about the perfect springtime project :) I hope you had a lovely Easter break and take care xx

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