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The December Round-Up

January 1, 2014

Photography credit: Luz

The monthly round-up is a collection of internet goodies that have caught my eye over the past four weeks. Videos, blog posts, beautiful photography, tutorials, excellent websites and geeky goodness: you can find them all here on 1st of the month. Perfect for long commutes and lazy Sunday mornings.

Let’s start with a link I absolutely love. If I could only pick one website to read for the rest of time, it would probably be My Modern Metropolis. Their content is excellent, and this article entitled “12 Shoes for 12 Lovers” is really unique and insightful. Be sure to click through to Sebastian Errazuriz’s blog to get the full scoop on each of the girls.

And whilst we’re on the topic of fashion, how about these incredible ladies? Living proof that we needn’t give up on ourselves as the years turn over. If you’re brave enough, then keep rocking it.

How people manage to take a tool like an iPad and use it to produce something as beautiful as these photorealistic portraits is beyond me! Jaw-droppingly awesome.

This one is another jaw-dropper, but for all the wrong reasons. A sad, sad truth, and as usual I look at the “before” picture and just think she looks better. Yes, there are freckles and dimples and eye bags and wrinkles there, but putting images out there that are as unreal as this one is the norm and it’s just awful.

A friend of a friend shared this on Facebook at the start of December, and it resonated with me somewhat. In your twenties? Stop freaking out about marriage and go travelling instead. It’s much better for you in the long run.

Now that Christmas is over, so is the height of board game season but if you need something on the same scale as Monopoly with a nature twist, why not try Wing It? It’s an RSPB-endorsed game that requires “a little cunning and the use of underhand tactics in order to win”. Hello again family arguments…!

I love rediscovering the links I’ve been saving up over the course of the month, and this one is just as good second time round. I’m not going to spoil it, just click.

Ooh, and this one too! Sarah Kay’s poem will rip right through you and make your life seem just a little bit brighter, but make sure you listen to the rest of this talk too.

Another one here from My Modern Met. This is a bit of a weepy one though, I warn you. When little Olivia was only one year old, her mother died from a rare form of lung cancer. After several years struggling with his emotions, Olivia’s father decided to move out of their old family home with his daughter, but before he did he took the opportunity to recreate some of his wedding pictures with the little lady left in his life.

The Guardian asks why women get tattoos.

I’m really beginning to fall in love with fellow Blogcademy graduate Xandra’s blog Fashionably Light. Her posts are always so light (duh!) and floaty, like having a sip of chilled lemonade on a really hot day, or a nibble of a tasty biscuit. This simple fix that she offers up should be more obvious than it is: if in doubt, take a unicorn to tea!

This one made me laugh! Definitely needs to be implemented next time I fancy a day in bed…

I’ve admitted my secret love for Fashionably Geek in the past, but they’re back again in this round-up with a silly but definitely amusing article on Disney men without beards. Scar is my favourite, what a transformation!

Oh look out, another one… but you must see why I keep sharing their stuff now, right…?

… I rest my case.

And I know I’ve shared this many, MANY times before on social media and even on other blogs in the past, but this is one of my most favourite YouTube videos of all time. It deserves to have so many more views than it does, especially when there are some useless, irritating videos with gazillions of views out there. This video has such a beautiful, important message. And it reminds me that it is really, really alright just to be by yourself.

So, a slightly shorter round-up this month what with Christmas preparations and other festivities taking time away from my usual internet browsing sessions, but fear not, for I shall be back on February 1st with the cream of the crop for you to have a nosey at!

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