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The July 2014 Round-Up

August 4, 2014

Photography credit: pintxomoruno

The monthly round-up is a collection of internet goodies that have caught my eye over the past four weeks. Videos, blog posts, beautiful photography, tutorials, excellent websites and geeky goodness: you can find them all here on 1st of the month. Perfect for long commutes and lazy Sunday mornings.

Did you notice? I took a cheeky break over the last week or so, and I didn’t even apologise for it! How about I make it up to you all by spoiling you with a selection of internet goodies from July, starting with this 54-year-old bottle garden planted and loved by David Latimer?

AirBnB has taken the word by storm, offering travellers the opportunity to stay in a vast array of unusual dwellings for a small nightly fee. Here is a pick of the best that Britain has to offer, including a Romany caravan, moated castle and a railway carriage!


Chris and Sam: one of my most favourite couples ever ever ever <3

Yesterday one of my oldest friends was proposed to by his lovely boyfriend. You might remember Chris and Sam from my Lush review post back in February? I was over the moon to hear their news and in their honour I can’t resist sharing this feel-good Buzzfeed collection of 24 grooms getting a touch emotional on their wedding days!

… oh, and also this: 26 couples who are absolutely nailing this relationship thing!

The most beautiful stations in Europe. Check out Copenhagen!

If reading about how a password changed this fella’s life doesn’t put tears in your eyes, I don’t know what will! This is a magical and honest insight into how changing your mindset can put your life firmly back on the rails again.


Adorable dragons with their hoards by Iguanamouth

I love Iguanamouth’s dragon hoards! My personal favourites are the hoard of cockatiels (of course), hoard of plants and terrariums and hoard of art supplies.

Vegetarians and vegans, have you seen the Oldways Diet Pyramid? It makes for pretty interesting reading, and is also great for anyone who’s recently cut out meat and fish and needs a bit of a helping hand.

Distractify shares 45 moments that are the definition of perfect timing!

The lovely Xandra over at Fashionably Light released a new venture this month called Heroine Training! If, like me, you’re a fan of her minimalistic nuggets of golden wisdom, you need to get yourself signed up to this site double-quick! Also, have you ever seen or heard of something as original and inventive as Blogwarts?! Amazing!

Walking on water: it’s easy when you know how have oobleck!

British Airways just announced that they’re providing their customers with “happiness blankets” to improve overall flight experiences, but here are nine things that passengers need much, MUCH more than what is essentially a huge mood ring.

This one had me giggling out loud in the office as I read it! 41 things no British person can ever forget from primary schoolHolding your palm over someone’s head without them realising was a foolproof way of counting how many boyfriends/girlfriends they had…” Yes. 

Oh Bella! Please stop that, you’re killing me!

This story is just so, so sad. But it will make you feel happy that there are people out there with unbelievably good souls and kind intentions. Sleep peacefully, little Sophia.

There is a finger your smartphone just can’t live without (and it’s not your thumb!)

“Hello, my name is James Addison. I am a designer living and working in Poole, England and I write puzzles for postmen.”

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