Monthly Round-Up

The June Round-Up

July 1, 2013

Photography credit: Cuba Gallery

The monthly round-up is a collection of internet goodies that have caught my eye over the past four weeks. Videos, blog posts, beautiful photography, tutorials, excellent websites and geeky goodness: you can find them all here on 1st of the month. Perfect for long commutes and lazy Sunday mornings.

In Sydney’s Homebush Bay, a 102-year-old floating ship has sprouted a forest. The idea of nature taking over is wonderful, and a constant reminder of who is really in charge here.

These 1920’s-style Disney villains are just gorgeous! My favourite is Ursula.

And if you need a bit of a pick-me-up, check out this collection of photos of actors laughing between takes. I couldn’t stop grinning.

A clever group of chaps and chapesses somewhere has put together a guide to pronouncing the names of IKEA furniture, which is worth a look at before doing any mad new house trolley dash.

I don’t really know much about Amanda Palmer at all, but I did recognise her in this picture and I have to admit that she looks quite beautiful.

It would be almost impossible to have missed Socks, Three’s dancing pony over the last few months, but just in case you somehow managed it here he is, complete with visual effects note from his creators at MPC.

Knitting your pet turtle a Bowser sweater seems like one of the best things you could possibly do with your life, or at least your weekend.

Eric Paré’s stunning 360° light painting bullet time stop-motion technique is jaw-droppingly inspirational.

Total Film shortlists 25 actresses to play Lara Croft in the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot. As a bit of a Ms Croft fanatic, I’m hoping it might be someone British.

Wild Junket lists eight of the quirkiest houses in the world. Nautilus House in Mexico City is my personal favourite.

A Danish preschool comments on the benefits of meat-free diets and why it serves only vegetarian meals to its students.

I love Paul Farrell’s clean, sharp and graphic approach to his illustration.

A baby elephant playing in the sea for the first time? Yes please!

Two interns that worked on Black Swan won a landmark case against 20th Century Fox by claiming that their unpaid work was menial and should have been undertaken by paid employees. Important stuff not just in the film industry, but across the board. Don’t be sold into “work experience” slavery!

Project Wild Thing will be released in the coming months! A documentary based on one dad’s mission to sell the outdoors to his kids, this is one film I’m very excited to see. You can keep up with the latest on Twitter @wearewildthing

How about a swimming pool cinema?

I started June with a graduation speech from Joss Whedon, which made me feel a million times better about myself, regardless of the fact I actually graduated three years ago… Joss seems like such a nice guy, exactly the sort of person you’d like to invite round for a cup of tea.

This Was First chronicles some of the first posts and products listed on today’s biggest websites: Twitter, eBay and YouTube to name but a few.

A lovely quote about real life.

A Life Less Bulls**t is one of my favourite daily reads. Nicole is brutally honest and just brilliant. I loved this article about plant-based diets.

I’m always a bit wary of these sorts of things, but this personality calculator based on your birthday is actually pretty interesting. Elliott was more accurate than me, but there were definitely a few vices in mine that are more true than I’d like to admit…

Another truly nommalicious vegetarian recipe for you this month – couscous and roasted veggies! I also lost my halloumi virginity to this dinner. Try adding it for extra awesomeness.

I struggled with adding a Mixcloud widget to a blog post earlier this month. Here’s the answer if anyone else is scratching their heads.

These are amazing. Who doesn’t need Stegosaurus cookie cutters in their life?!

A girl accidentally left her purse at her boyfriend’s house. With her permission that he could borrow it, the guy proceeded to take it on numerous adventures before returning it. Photos included.

In the next few weeks Livs and I are off to 2000 Trees Festival in Cheltenham! It’s a very cute small gathering, and Frank Turner is headlining for the fourth time so we’re pretty excited. Look out for pictures, and in the meantime check out the website and get your own tickets.

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